Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yes, I Can DE

I know there was a post about this on wowinsider a week or so back, but I think it's a valid point. Luthvian is an enchanter, and a miner. To get ore from mining, I go to a node and tap it, no fuss. I can do that anywhere.

To get mats as an enchanter (especially since I still need more levels to get capped) I need to disenchant some high end items (blues and greens). Such items are found in instances. Rarely from quest rewards, especially seeing as the only quests I haven't done are in Howling Fjord and some under-75 zones.

However, every time I go into an instance, it's "oh, we'll roll on these shards". Last night I was with a leather worker in Nexus, who skinned every dragon. Did we roll on his leather? No. What about when we mine in instances? Do we roll on the ore? No! Those mats stay with whoever gathered them, and yet I have to give up my shards every time.

Maybe I wouldn't mind so much if I was capped in the profession, but endgame has made leveling too hard, since I never have mats to use. Either they get rolled on and taken, or dumped in the guild bank (which I agree with, I'd rather see them gbanked than handed out anyways).

The only way I get shards of my own now is to DE my old gear. Which means that right now I have 7 Abyss Crystals and no Large Dream Shards.

Just something to think about.



  1. People don't roll on leather or ore but roll on DE stuff because its a material everyone can use. Everyone needs mats for enchants, not everyone needs leather or ore. It sucks but that is probably why.

    I think another reason why people don't think twice about rolling on shards is because you are the one who has the ability to DE stuff so you can get gear else where to DE for your own use. That may not actually be the case but that's probably peoples train of thought...

  2. how many people actually save shards? not many. they sell them. and people wonder why enchanters want tips.

  3. Personally I save everything I get turned into shards, a lot of greens I get from farming I send mail to enchanter to get DE'd so I have mats to get my gear enchanted when I need it...