Wednesday, May 27, 2009

PAC, cont'd

In response to yesterday's Power Auras post, Gnomeaggedon asked me to make a list of my auras and settings that I use. For most of you, it will be more worthwhile to read my previous post before this one :)

My mage has the most configured auras of all of my characters, however most are for her alternate specs. Here are the Auras I use:
  • Fireball! (Frost), Hot Streak (Fire), Missile Barrage (Arcane)
These three auras all use the same settings, just switch the name of the buff in the Activation tab.
  • Living Bomb (Fire, FFB)
This Aura doesn't have a timer, since it is set to show only when Living Bomb is not active.
  • Icy Veins/Combustion/Arcane Power/Heroism/Trinket procs/etc.
These settings would work for any aura that you want triggered by a certain buff. These all show a timer.

I put these in separate from my Missile Barrage procs, etc., even though they use the same settings. For my trinkets and cooldowns, I generally use static auras - they don't bubble, pulse, move, or whatever. For my trinkets and Mana Surge (from my 2pcT7 bonus), I have the transparency on the aura set almost to zero - I'm only interested in the timer. Heroism does pulse, to make it look cooler ;)

  • Arcane Intellect, Armor, or Food Buff fade
I use these auras to show when these buffs are not active. I've shown the example of my food buff, since I've set the duration in the animation tab to 30 seconds, so that if it fades during a boss fight, or I don't feel like refreshing it, the aura will fade and it won't clutter my screen.

For my Arcane Intellect and armor Auras (the Arcane Int. tab settings are shown in yesterday's post), I have the "only if in raid" option unchecked. That way, these auras will show while solo-ing as well.

  • Low Health/Mana
Using the health or mana option gives you a percentage slider:

It's that simple! If you check the "Enemy Target" option, it will track your hostile target's health - useful for abilities that require the target to be below a certain percentage, or if you just want to know when to unload your awesome cooldowns.

And thus concludes another picspam post. Just keep in mind that the graphics used and the animations are entirely up to you - customize this awesome addon to your own needs! These settings can be adjusted to any class for any buff, debuff, whatever.


  1. Don't forget the the "export" and "import" functions work very well for getting auras that others have already made. Speaking of which, my Biting Cold aura didn't work, so I might have to bug you for an import of your current one!!

  2. Scorchio2 is a great add on as well. It shows me when my scorches are up, and bomb is up. A must have for a FFB, or a Fireball mage.

  3. Had a bit o a play with this the other night... still playing...

    Some things worked very nicely, other things need a bit of tweaking...

    I must have a play with the custom sounds... thinking I might record the proc/spell names so I know exactly what's going on.