Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Noob-ish Mistakes - as tagged by Averna

So, Averna at Nerf This Druid tagged me to write about my noobish mistakes.

First, as I mentioned back in the beginning, I played a lot of lowbie alts before I settled on a mage, and I made a variety of noobish mistakes on them all. I'll try to compile a list, but I've no guarantee it'll be amusing:

  • my first noobish mistake was rolling a freaking warlock, and an Undead one to boot! That fail character is still sitting at level 17, never to be touched again.
  • I used to be not-so-familiar with talent points, and just stuck them wherever, without reading what came further down the tree. I think when I was first speccing Luth, she had talent points spread across the first tier of all three trees until like level 30.
  • I have, on multiple occasions, forgotten to go "level up" when I dinged an even level. I did this at level 42 on Luth! I was a noob for a while with her.
  • On my shaman, I decided that totems were too much of a hastle, and stopped using them. I also tried to level as resto, and just melee'd until the CD on my Earth Shock was up.
  • I definitely specced into Improved Wands. Yep.
  • I didn't move my hearthstone for probably the first 30 or so levels. I just walked everywhere.
  • I have definitely beaten mobs to death with my staff.
  • I didn't spec either of my paladins into Seal of Command, which I later learned is an absolute must for leveling. Oops.
  • Just because I can wear it, doesn't mean I should. My shaman has Agilty gear, and she's caster.
  • I specced Frost for the very first time like a week ago. At the same time, I actually learned how to pvp. I've never won against a ganker; I just wait to die, and then move on.
I can't really think of anything overly... funny that I failed at. I never had to do the corpse run through Wetlands... not only was I leveling a mage, but I was being mentored by another mage, who just ported me everywhere.

Sorry Av, my post is fail :(

EDIT: Ooo, yeah, I forgot to tag people!
Gnomeaggedon at Armaggedon's Coming. Happy birthday! Now tell us your noobish fails!
Xelaeno, my dear old guildie, at Holy Fire Spec.
Aaand I've run out of people to tag :( I was considering tagging Tal, but I don't think this is quite up his alley.

I'm also going to try to make a real post later, a lot of people have been debating over Mage Armor vs. Molten Armor for Arcane mages, and I'd like to look into it.


  1. Pfft... some birthday present....

    OK... I will have to think back on noobish things... maybe only an hour or so back... but I don't want to think about my future noobish things...

  2. Heh I remember beating mobs with my staff on my mage as well. For some reason I did not discover a weapon called "wand" until well into my 20th level lol.

  3. Haha, no, your post is SO not fail. I <3 it.

    Also, I reeeeaaallllly hope that Tal actually writes one of these up. I would LOVE to see what nooby things Tal did as a young hunter.... mwuahahaha.